Successful love story in complex India

Posted: July 9, 2010 in Book Reviews

2 states: the story of my marriage2 states: the story of my marriage by Chetan Bhagat
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Two States: the story of my marriage by Chetan Bhagat gives a satisfaction in reading a successful love story. Obviously, one would expect how the marriage that happened finally between 2 states just how the title welcomes the readers. In this case, Chetan has not given any suspense but his focus on how a different culture came together in India is really amazing and interesting to read.

Krish, an IIM (Indian Institute of management) student, is a clever guy from Punjab. As in other typical college life stories, Krish sees Ananya, a Tamilian girl who was admired for her beauty and intelligence. Krish and Ananya become friends and used to study together. Eventually, both of them fall in love with each other and they live their college life supporting each other in everything. Though it was a already heard story line, Chetan makes it unique by adding a pinch of strong patriotism by connecting families of 2 different states. It sounds more humorous and romantic love story since Krish shares his past life to her jovial girl friend Ananya. With the realistic writing, Chetan exhibits the common stereotypes that are associated with the diverse group of people.

Being a North Indian, Krish’s feeling is described well when he was exposed to a long term and challenging stay in Tamil Nadu. However, there was exaggeration of cultural shocks that the Punjabis and Tamils experience in a different state of theirs.

It is specially a must-read book for those who are in love and those who promote inter-state/culture/religion marriage. Overall, It could be a good book worth spending your leisure time.

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