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  1. Virtual games including video games (computer games, console games, arcade machine games, cell phone, PDA, etc) and online games (using internet, browser games, etc) are found to be addictive while the game idea, and technology develop. 
  2. Started mainly as an entertainment, game has also lead to gambling, source of income, and also a way to escape from doing something that is not desirable.
  3. Several non-academic resources and academic research studies shows that people get addicted to playing games. Although getting addicted can be defined in various ways depending on once routine and experience, there is no solid evidence on whether virtual games are the main reason for addiction. 
  4. According to the above article in Washington Post, 20 year old Kim in South Korea, admits about his addition saying that he had stopped changing his clothes, going out and had began to see himself as the game characters. South Korea, considered as the epicenter of video games, has lots of stories that deal with young people’s addiction to playing games. 
  5. Mainly, they consider electronic games as an escape from education. Students in S.Korea have to go for 4-5 hours of daily school education. If this is the case of game addiction we are talking about, then where is the responsibility of parents to pull them to tasks that are more interesting. Clearly, from the parents side, there is a lack of understanding of kids who play game as an escape from education.  
  6. Games are interesting that demands competition, high scores, hard work to try again and again, more time, etc and at the same time they offer ranks, awards (such as ribbons, titles, prizes, certificates, coins) to motivate us to go further. There are games where one has to save his/her life by fighting enemies, which pulls them user more to play.
  7. Apart from the games itself possessing the addictive features,  there are certainly other reasons for addiction such as individual willingness, amount of time, and other undesirable social constraints. As there are on-going researches without a strong conclusion,  games alone can not be a reason for addiction.