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I have been taking Stanford’s Designing New Learning Environment online course from the beginning of this fall. It is a massively open online course provided by instructor Professor Paul Kim with the help of venture lab. Throughout the course we learned a lot of essential concepts that should be considered for developing a new learning environment. To say a few, we learned incorporating the relevant subject context, pedagogy, sustainable resources, etc. I am part of a team “School on Wheel for the 21st Century” where we identified issues in children education in Bangladesh and came up with our target group, relevant technology, and business and implementation model. As yesterday was our project submission, we made a short video summarizing our project goals and to highlight our main ideas.
I am so glad that my first open online course went smooth and productive.


What Is Gamification?

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  1. It is a way or technique
    of incorporating the idea of game in a non-game context for better understanding and
    social interaction. It is been introduced and used widely in many companies for
    attracting not only consumers but also to include clients in their development

  2. SillyCreatures
    Linda’s Daily Living Skills: Is Gamification the Future of Teaching Life Skills……
  3. Many aspects of gaming, such as gain points, awards, level up, etc., are all motivating to achieve the target of a game. 
  4. gmisiukas
    Games have a big role in the future of health. Games motivate to achieve for the sake of achievement, not the end goal.…
  5. Isn’t good motivation we all want to give our best?
  6. nikkiheyman
    Worth Repeating: Is Gamification the Future of Teaching Life Skills?… via @pediastaff
  7. acarabache
    RT @cubeforteachers: “@TriciaDK: 8 Research Findings Supporting the Benefits of Gamification in Education

Initially, I had very less idea of what I am going to blog about video/online games.  As you can see most of my posts are based on research and with little experience on playing games. Around this three months of blogging, I have learned various ways of using media to represent and improve my thought process. Looking back, I can now add more to define games especially after learning the different dimensions such as designing, selling, and playing games. I understand games are not just to play and have fun as an entertainment, it is to make money hugely. It helps us to understand and argue against the human’s best mistakes of stereotyping. It is related to other human behaviors. It is a boon to acquire new skills in this century. It is to make learning more fun than ever! Also, it helps you escape from the things that you do not want to do! 😀

Snapshot of my blog by me

Snapshot of my blog by me

I have used Storify, picture slideshows, videos,  apps, embed items, etc.  Among these, I would say Storify is the coolest one. May be because I am new to storify! It helps me to pull  information that is available already in various sites publicly. Basically, it works as  a search engine that pulls user-generated content matching the  the key word(s). Storify works effectively when our search words are limited to 2 or 3.  Facebook gives less search results comparing to twitter for the same keywords. No wonder twitter made contents more public than Facebook. There was not much difficulty using any of these resources. Thanks to the WordPress forums and tutorials! There are many guidelines available online. However, widgets were hard to implement with the slow internet in my dorm. So, I learnt to be patient and concentrate on other works! 🙂

History of Video Games

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History of video games is an evolution with different consoles and computing devices. Below are the pictures of the earliest development of video games.


Below is the slideshare presentation that shows the development of the entertainment system from major companies from 1980s

  1. manusnoble
    @kezamacdonald great article of the portrayal of women in the games industry. The video of Anita Sarkeesian was truly shocking
  2. The_AL_360
    Just watched Anita Sarkeesian’s TedTalk. Apparently trollin her gives you achievements
  3. hungryhole
    What Anita Sarkeesian went through makes me really embarrassed to play video games.
  4. ForceofSparda
    I love how Anita Sarkeesian calls Criticism an “online hate campaign”. Really, I do.
  5. Liberal Humanist
    For those interested here is a link with a video where Anita Sarkeesian describes her work in more detail. -WB
  6. Kamo Web - Les femmes / Women & le Web
    For those who think that online harassment isn’t serious: Listen, watch – get angry – mobilize – and act! — “Anita Sarkeesian talks about online misogyny in the video game community, and her experience with harassment because of her work. She is a media critic and the creator of Feminist Frequency, a video webseries that explores the representations of women in pop culture narratives.”
  7. Below post in Rockpapershotgun is where I first read about Anita Sarkeesian and her project in a video blog named “Feminist Frequency”. I have noticed many times how women are portrayed in some cartoons, video games, online games, movies, etc. and those are very disturbing. I am sure, you will be more disturbed as well as enlightened when you listen to Anita Sarkeesian’s videos. 
  8. She is like this person who continuously reads news critiquing women representation in pop culture. She possess this enormous positive energy showing the stereotypes possessed by many popular media.
  9. She is effectively using new media to represent the different representation of race, gender, sexuality, class in today’s media. Her videos are used as educational tools in classrooms and she interacts with her audience in the video comments. 
  10. Starting with 0 supporters and $0.00 of donations, she gradually gained significant number of supporters and donations. She talks internationally about her project findings and below are some of her videos in the blog. Not surprisingly, there are many opponent views against her’s. But, the most surprising and shocking part is that they oppose her in the form of threats of death and rape. Anita Sarkeesian seems not offended or afraid for any those opponents, instead she spoke on TEDX Women describing the forms of threats in the digital world. 
  11. APA Division 46 | Society for Media Psychology and Technology
    Anita Sarkeesian became an online target this year after announcing her project to make series of educational videos about stereotypes of female characters in video games. Her recent TEDxWomen talk shows her determination to triumph over that experience. (Trigger warning: Language.)

    What lessons from this experience would you teach in a media psychology class?

    – Jill Elswick

  12. After all, it is a person’s opinion and her freedom of speech. There is always a choice to accept/reject, agree/disagree with people’s argument. I remember Anita asking for people to donate if they like or not donate if they don’t like. Very Straight forward! As  John Walker says, stereotypes about men also do exist in pop culture but would there be this level of threat if someone would talk against that? 
  13. ROAR!-Empowering Women to Give Voice to Their Truth
    ROAR! accolades to Anita Sarkeesian for standing up against male gamers who wanted her stopped and silenced. This is a brave woman!…