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Introduced in December 2009, Angry Birds is one of most famous games in the market. Started with Apple, it gradually  got spread to many smartphones with different Operating Systems. It is basically a slingshot game developed by Rovio a computer game developing company based in Finland. Now, Angry Birds can be played in laptops/desktops either online or offline. The huge success of this game within few years of its release depends on many factors such as

1. A Simple yet  different idea of using birds in slingshot to kill enemies

2. The idea of physics in various levels to increase the game complexities

3. Use of different destructive methods that are unique for each differently colored birds

4. Different settings of the game

Angry Birds Stickers

Angry Birds stickers on Laptop – Photo by me

Usually a slingshot uses a round stone that is aimed at something that needs to be  damaged.  The absence of legs and wings, and shortened tails in the birds make it look like a round stone that are aimed at the round pigs/pig heads. The goal is to destruct all the pigs and most of its fort. Destructing each materials that forms a fort for the pigs gives the player some point but to move to a next level one has to destroy all the pigs heads. In order to score more, minimum number of birds(1), should be used to destruct all the pigs. This game is based on a revenge story. The dirty pigs stole and hid the birds’ eggs somewhere which is the main reason for the anger. Therefore, the birds started to retaliate the pigs by blast them to death.

One of my friend posted me a photo in Facebook which shows a physics question that is about  playing angry birds. The game can be played just by randomly shooting the bird or with the help of one’s knowledge in physics or ‘common sense’.

A Physics Question based on “Angry Birds” – Photo from a Facebook post

Depending on the angle at which the bird is projected , the distance between the bird and the pig heads and position of the bird from the target, one can successfully target all the pig heads in one shot. It might need luck to some extent but with the above mentioned three accurate  factors, one could easily get a high score in all levels. Although the whole structure of playing the game can be based on physics, I would say it is more about ‘common sense’ .  The players do not necessarily calculate the angle for a successful projectile but  the angle is usually guessed with the picture. The game also shows the previous path of travel with some kind of dotted line which probably helps the players to adjust or maintain their shooting.  When the level increases, the concept of aiming the birds also gets more difficult. All one needs to think is how to aim one bird in a way that it destructs all the pig heads.

Arrow indicating the right place to hit for destroying all pigheads in one shot

The most interesting parts as we move up in the levels is that the power of different birds to destruct the pig fort.

Very common red:

Red birds are the usual starter for this game possessing no special powers comparing to the others. It simply hits the pig head fort as the player direct it.

Scatter-shot Blue:

Smaller blue birds are able to replicate itself into same kind of three new birds when tapped on the way of its flight. Their scattered nature during any time of their flight helps the player to attack multiple places of the pig fort.

Mighty Yellow:

Similar to the blue, it can be tapped during its flight but it does not replicate rather it accelerates and attacks with some extra force.  Moreover, yellow is good at penetrating the woods.

Bombarding Black:

Black, with a typical look of a bomb, are able to blast the iron rods when it is tapped as soon as it enters the fort. Tapping a black on the way will do no good.

Egg-Attack White:

The white birds lay eggs when tapped during the flight. This function helps to attack more than one place like the blue birds.

Fluctuating Green:

The green bird is the most difficult bird to handle as it changes its angle .

Bigger Red:

The Bigger red posses 3 times the power of the usual red in the beginning. It was also called as the big brother.

Mightiest Eagle:

The tremendous power of eagle destroys almost everything in the attack area in one fly.

Handling different birds also requires the players to plan for the projectile and also some trials to get better scores. This game also has different versions that take place in different environment. For example, in Angry Birds Space, the pig has hid the eggs in outer space therefore the game is set in the galaxy without the effect of gravity.

Snapshot of Angry birds in Chrome

The important thing to note about this angry birds game is that the birds, objects that represent the players, are self destructive.  In most of the other virtual games, we used to have extra lives in case if we loose a life by mistake which usually happens during the difficult tasks. Those games were not primarily forcing the players to loose the life of their objects. Even though the players receive higher score for saving more number of birds, there is a rule to self destruct at least one of those birds to play/win the game. May be, we would get used to see cute little birds dying for no reasons!!

Questions to think:

Why an object, that in real world has no life,  is not used to kill the pig heads?

Why should the birds kill itself to take revenge of the pigs?

Will there be any impact of the self-destructive characters on the players?

If so, can it be quantified? will it be a small or big impact?

If it is a big impact, how long will it take to see some obvious results?

Whenever you use a bird, no matter whether it succeeds or fails, it gets damaged by the woods, stones and the glasses and finally blasts to death.  One can see how pathetically a bird dies with an excellent graphical works!! (Kudos to the developers). I think more research needs to be done on the  psychological impacts of virtual games before we try to give some possible answers to the above mentioned questions. Therefore, these self-destructing angry birds may not have an adverse effect psychologically but will definitely have some level of impact on how we perceive things in future.

Second question reminds me of an important and useful philosophical view point of Kim Gaskin in Are You An Angry Bird? Kims says,

“Out of pure anger, these birds sacrifice themselves to win. Have you ever sacrificed yourself to win? At what cost? We all have angry moments. Anger is a normal emotion that can get out of control and become destructive. Stimulated by internal or external events, anger can affect your work, relationships, health and quality of life.”