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Unwavering group art exhibition

Posted: July 22, 2010 in Arts

Thursdays here always give great joy since I have two days off following this day unlike India. Even though thursdays, during this summer, are same as my working days as I enjoy most of the working days going out for Puchkas, paratas, beef samusas, and shopping other stuffs. 😀 Myself, N, N and Z went to TMT, a bangladeshi cuisine hotel, to have paratas and chicken. I love the paratas there as I can eat it even without any side dish. It has such a taste! 🙂 Along with the chicken, this is so far my great dinner for the vacation! It is a place where you rarely see girls. If in case, you get to see a girl, she must have been accompanied by a guy for sure. However, we are the group of girls very bold (must say) and do not mind eating out together.

Then we all went to Shilpokola Academy, which is known for the exhibition of art works and artistic talents of the Bangladeshi people. It was an insightful experience as there was a group art exhibition by Sadikuzzaman, Zia ali and Mohammed Masud Kabir in the name of “UNWAVERING” . Upstairs of the Shilpokola building was three big halls with the wide spread, colorful art works hanging on the wall.

Looking at those artworks reminds me of the art criticism I made in my first year humanities class. Humanities gave me a different experience in the first year and pulled me from my practical perspective. I imagined a lot and I was taught to think critically using the element of arts and principle of designs.

Most of Kabir’s work focused on finding art in what we consider as waste papers. He pictured the things that are on the paper when we focus on it. He has enlarged those tiny particles and things on the paper with his artistic vision.  He gaves his viewers the idea that art can be found in anything and has no set of boundaries.

Sadikuzzaman, a nature lover, has created paintings about humans in the form of nature. Most of his paintings were the mushrooms that are found in a tree and among the green grasses. He depicts how an individual is reflected in the society that he/she lives. He has also depicted the bond between mother-daughter relationship with the same mushrooms. Among the three, Sadikuzzaman’s paintings focuses on the nature and human’s reflecting putting more greenish mixture into the hall.

Although all the three painters are unique in their own way, the most captivating painter according to me is Zia Ali. Almost all of his painting depicts women and the natural way of giving birth to another life. The interesting thing is that Zia Ali portrayed the attributes of women’s physical structure comparing to the structure of dates seed and sapling of seeds. He says, When I ate dates one day, I looked close at the seeds and found this idea of comparing it with women. Similarly to Kabir, Zia Ali also looked close at the objects yet he compares the object with what he already knows about women. In the painting, “Promotion to the Generation” he has drawn the sapling that has small leaving and given out tiny roots. The way he drawn those saplings represents the thighs of women and seems sitting on the wall. Far away from the sapling, he pictured a sad and naked women who sits on the same broken wall. He tried to convey the changing period of women when she gets pregnant and promote to another generation. He has also penciled two huge dates seed with heavily textured. One of those two seeds is slightly open and contains lot of small seeds inside. Looking closely inside the open seed, we can find the structure of a women, which is what Zia Ali says, “Everyman has a women hidden inside his heart”.

Looking at the painting and getting new ideas are most fascinating  than anything.  Thus my day went and have also visited that exhibition twice. I hope to visit more artworks in the near future and talk with the artists about their views and ideas.