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Learning a new language opens up a new world. I read somewhere that the best time to learn a language is during childhood. However, I believe it is never too late to explore your language learning abilities. With this in mind, I have some interesting stories and insights to share. This is not just my attempt to learn hindi, then the so called national language but also a way, I discovered, out to learn any language. (FYI, India has no national language)

Back in those days, all the school going kids take up learning hindi in private classes as their hobby because of the parental pressure or maybe whatever. Passing through the levels such as Prathmic, Madhyama, Rashrabhasha, Pravesika, etc, you can finally acquire a BA (? I still doubt that but never cared to verify it) in Hindi. Regardless of the degree…

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I have been taking Stanford’s Designing New Learning Environment online course from the beginning of this fall. It is a massively open online course provided by instructor Professor Paul Kim with the help of venture lab. Throughout the course we learned a lot of essential concepts that should be considered for developing a new learning environment. To say a few, we learned incorporating the relevant subject context, pedagogy, sustainable resources, etc. I am part of a team “School on Wheel for the 21st Century” where we identified issues in children education in Bangladesh and came up with our target group, relevant technology, and business and implementation model. As yesterday was our project submission, we made a short video summarizing our project goals and to highlight our main ideas.
I am so glad that my first open online course went smooth and productive.

What Is Gamification?

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  1. It is a way or technique
    of incorporating the idea of game in a non-game context for better understanding and
    social interaction. It is been introduced and used widely in many companies for
    attracting not only consumers but also to include clients in their development

  2. SillyCreatures
    Linda’s Daily Living Skills: Is Gamification the Future of Teaching Life Skills……
  3. Many aspects of gaming, such as gain points, awards, level up, etc., are all motivating to achieve the target of a game. 
  4. gmisiukas
    Games have a big role in the future of health. Games motivate to achieve for the sake of achievement, not the end goal.…
  5. Isn’t good motivation we all want to give our best?
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    Worth Repeating: Is Gamification the Future of Teaching Life Skills?… via @pediastaff
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    RT @cubeforteachers: “@TriciaDK: 8 Research Findings Supporting the Benefits of Gamification in Education

History of Video Games

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History of video games is an evolution with different consoles and computing devices. Below are the pictures of the earliest development of video games.


Below is the slideshare presentation that shows the development of the entertainment system from major companies from 1980s