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“Why should boys have all the fun?” says an ad girl and flies away in a SCOOTY!!! (a bike without gears). That flabbergasted me “But girl, you are riding a different bike!!!??!!” I wonder why not gear bikes just like those guys. Perhaps, that is more fun and why should only boys have it?


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I decide to learn to ride a gear bike. When people turn 18, they usually get a driving license regardless of their need or passion. It never occurred to me that I must learn to drive too. Neither did I have any need or passion until recently ❤ ❤ ❤

It’s not that I have the urge to show that I (a woman) can also ride a gear bike. I used to see guys zooming in bikes with annoying sounds and I just keep walking thinking “what is so big about riding a bike! Doh!” NOW, I can’t believe how much I want to be riding bikes. I transitioned to a feeling of excitement. “I too wanna experience that!” It is an ineffaceable feeling when I see guys zooming in and out in their bikes leaving me in horripilation.

The way the bike needs control in clutch, gears and two different breaks with two hands and legs at the same time is actually difficult for any beginner. As a beginner I understood that it not only needs concentration, but also some strength, and confidence. I believe that I have the last two qualities and waiting to get the first. I started to see this as a new skill that I desire to acquire soon.

My dear abdominous and wonderful Santa, please get me a gear bike. Take all the time you need and make it in next Christmas. By the time, I will be ready with a license! 😀


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