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It was like yesterday when I sat to scribble what I wanted to accomplish in 2015 and how I wished it should be. I wonder how the year went just like this (snap!). Throughout the last few days of december 2015, I tried to recall what I did apart from the incidents I used to write in my everyday journal. When I say what 2015 has taught me, I am very grateful for people who entered, and re-entered in my life. I also acknowledge people who choose to stay with/leave me in my life.  Without all those people, I m not I’m.

Confronting fears: I never really understood that I have been running away from certain things that I was afraid to face. However, I did not choose to confront them but this 2015 made me to do so. It was a severe downtime of my life I must admit for I was not even able to comprehend my feelings. The moment I had no choice but to accept I am failed, I was nervous, ashamed, guilty, and what-not! Somewhere in the corner of my heart, belief on healing time stick. Now, I see how 2015 also had a way to heal me from inside out. Eventually, I felt not just better, but best. I feel liberated.

Confronting makes you stand naked but, trust me, its all only for good. 

Say ‘No’: I have got this valuable advice from at least 3 of my mentors years ago. It is in 2015 that I actually used it. I let people took advantage of me that I ended up doing all their works or not doing anything for myself. I gained some courage and finally said NO – although with much difficulty. I faced the consequences and finally decided to move away from them. 2015 taught me that our life is too short to make every single person entering our life happy. On the other hand, I also realized that it is very important to think before you decide on who you would like to keep in your life. Also, it is important to make sure that you don’t give up on relationships without trying your best. My struggles with certain people went beyond my thoughtful decision and several give-ups. I not only decided to move away but to be careful of not falling again.

Certain personalities are simply incompatible with ours and the best we could do for anyone is to cut them off. 

Travel anywhere: One of my 2015 resolution was to simply visit 12 new places. However, I was able to manage only 5. Those were an Anjaneyar temple, few places in chennai, Kutrallam, Nilambur in kerala, and Chandigarh/New Delhi. Among these, chennai and chandigarh/ND are academic. I enjoyed a lot in Nilambur (a tiny travelogue is still in my draft) among all because it was purely non-academic. My second voting is for Chandigarh/ND as I got to meet so many people and see a different India. Although chennai is my least favourite, it is still close to my heart. 🙂

Make travels mandatory to break your routine and relax!

Reader-me got busy: Just like travelling, I had a resolution to complete 10 books (non-academic). I completed only 3. I love to read slowly. I found I had no time to focus on reading something non-academic when I have heaps of text-books and articles for exams. Therefore, considering my other commitments, I decided on 6 books for 2016. 😀

Read slow so you enjoy more!

Journal differently: I decided to write my journal everyday in 2015. When I read it over, things were very mundane unlike 2014. It might be because everything happened is still fresh on my memories. I also realized that I miss writing in Tamil, my mother tongue. So, its time! ❤

Write in your mother tongue despite mistakes. It will only get better! 

Gracias, 2015! For all the big and small lessons!